Traveler’s Guide to the Top Ten Busiest Airports

top ten busiest airportsTop ten lists are everywhere. There’s always something list-worthy to document that people are interested in. With the endless amount of travel that takes place today, it’s no wonder people are intrigued to know the world’s top-ten busiest airports. It’s a composition based on passenger traffic, including everything from arrival to departure. Much hasn’t changed in the rankings over the past two years but based on the 2012 statistics report and current unofficial numbers, the top forerunners haven’t changed.

1. Hartsfield – ATL/KATL (Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

atlanta airportBased in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States; this bustling airport has seen a 0.80% spike in human traffic since last year’s recordings. It’s been topping the charts since 2000, and has done it again in 2014. The airport has recorded a total of 55,884,352 passengers in 2014 to secure the number-one spot. Being a contender among the busiest airports in the world is nothing new for Atlanta.

2. Beijing-Capital International Airport – (PEK/ZBAA)

beijing airportYet another year, China’s Beijing-Capital International Airport, Asia’s busiest airport, has done it. It’s over ten million passengers behind the flagship-ambassador-of-the-list, “Hartsfield,” but it’s a dynamic performance from China’s Beijing-Capital, in second place. They’ve been at it for years, but “Hartsfield” has been putting up stiff competition. Beijing-Capital has seen a 1.2% spike in passenger traffic since last year to finish with a total of 41,268,295.

3. London Heathrow-Airport – (LHR/EGLL)

heathrow airportLondon’s Heathrow Airport ranks third on the top-ten busiest airports list behind China’s Beijing-Capital. It has seen a spike in numbers since the last recording too. The statistical report for 2014 shows a gross total of 35,083,389 passengers; a 1.9% increase since 2013. Heathrow has a marathon to do if it’s to reach first place, but it’s Europe’s top competitor.

4. Dubai International Airport – (DXB/OMDB)

dubai airportDubai International has made a close call, following London’s Heathrow, to rank fourth on the list. Based in Dubai, the United Emirates, this airport has been stirring up competition. It has moved up three places since last year to take the number four spot on the top-ten list. Dubai International has recorded a 6.2% increase in traffic to reach a gross total of 34,676,090.

5. Los Angeles International Airport – (LAX/KLAX)

los angeles airportLA International is in pursuit of Dubai International airport, ranking fifth on the list, which is a 6.6% increase since 2013. It ranked up a position from its last fiscal year with its passenger traffic population reaching 34,334,921 in 2014. California’s LA International is something to watch for upcoming years if it should keep up this performance. Its presence among the top-ten forerunner came as no surprise.

6. Tokyo Haneda Airport – (HND/RJTT)

tokyo airportJapan’s Tokyo Haneda Airport has recorded an impressive 5.9% increase since last year’s recordings, but this wasn’t enough. This pocket-size effort wasn’t enough to rank up or hold its existing spot on the top-ten busiest airports list. It ranked down two places since 2013 with a recorded passenger population of 33,787,778 in 2014. Sixth place isn’t too disappointing though; this airport is definitely a rival to watch.

7. O’Hare International Airport – (ORD/KORD)

chicago ohare airportThe USA is definitely doing big-things in the airline industry. Another top-performer, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has moved down two places to finish in seventh place in the top-ten list. It has seen a 3.9% increase in traffic to record a gross total of 33,219,851 passengers in 2014. It roughly needs half-a-million more passengers to reach Japan’s Tokyo Haneda.

8. Dallas-Fort-Worth International Airport – (DFW/KDFW)

dallas fort worth airportAnother forerunner representing the USA, Dallas-Fort-Worth International based in Texas has moved up a position on the top-ten list. This airport recorded a gross total of 31,116,091 passengers in 2014; a 4.4% increase since 2013. It’s not a disappointing performance as it has a roster of states in the US competing against in the top-ten. This giant state has the torque to keep up, although it’s facing steep competition.

9. Charles-de-Gaulle Airport – (CDG/LFPG)

charles de gaulle airportFrance has Charles-de-Gaulle in their corner; their flagship ambassador. Its rankings have moved down a position, despite the 4.3% increase in passenger traffic this year. The airport has a passenger population of 30,787,209 to close at ninth place. It’s the least dramatic performance among the contenders of busiest airports, but it has made the top-ten list, which is hope.

10. Hong-Kong-International Airport – (HKG/VHHH)

hong kong airportIt’s China’s second appearance on the top-10 busiest airports list. Hong-Kong-International Airport moved up a position to make the top-ten list this year. Among other accomplishments, it recorded a 6.5% spike in passenger traffic to close at tenth place. The gross total of passengers for 2014 is 30,642,000 based on the statistics collected. This was a close call, and it’s just a hundred-something-thousand passengers behind Charles-de-Gaulle.

The rankings of this 2014 top-ten list shows the statistics gathered from a report for the period January to July. It’s based on a research undertaken by the Airports-Council-International (ACI). The top three forerunners, Hartsfield, Beijing-Capital and London Heathrow-Airport have kept their position stable since 2011. The ACI based their rankings on the inbound and outbound traffic received at each airport. They’ve added passengers-in-transit to the mix as well. This is the most recent data for the busiest airports in 2014. It’s a great guide to help travelers keep up their facts and plan their trips. While air traffic always tends to shift, most of the forerunners will be contenders for quite some time.

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