Top Ten Tallest Skyscrapers Of The World

top ten tallest skyscrapersThe world’s skyscrapers are something to marvel at. The top ten tallest skyscrapers are always being challenged with new projects and new construction, but the fascination of those that claim the top 10 spots will always remain. These monumental buildings are not just for show as each towering skyscraper boasts paramount significance to its homeland. Here’s a round-up of the current top-10 tallest buildings from countries around the world that curious tourists can add to their itinerary for exploration.

1. Burj Khalifa

burj khalifaDubai’s Burj Khalifa ranks first ahead of other forerunners as the top contender of the top ten tallest skyscrapers list. This ridiculously tall skyscraper erected in 2010 has 163 floors and measures 2,717 ft or 828 m in height. It’s a product which represents the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in a profound way. Burj Khalifa is a project which serves the country’s tourism industry as an enterprise to promote diversification.

2. Shanghai Tower

Shanghai TowerChina’s recently built Shanghai Tower has ranked second to supersede other sky-soaring buildings of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Set for completion in 2015, it stands 2,073 ft (632 m) tall and is 121 stories high. Besides admiring the immaculate architecture adorning its outer construction, the “Shanghai Tower” extends a 9-zone indoor observatory which is open to visitors. Tourists are welcome to explore any of these areas that also include cafes and retail shopping centers.

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel

Makkah Royal Clock TowerMecca, Saudi Arabia has many historical points-of-interest, including its, mega skyscraper, the third-place contender, “Makkah Royal Clock-Tower-Hotel.” This 120-story towering skyscraper stands at a height of 1,971 ft (601m). It made its debut in 2012 to join other monumental buildings of interest in the top ten tallest skyscrapers group. This highly articulated building models the world’s tallest clock tower and the world’s largest clock face.

4. One World Trade Center

one world trade centerThe recently completed One-World Trade Center in New York ranks fourth and first in the Western Hemisphere. The 104-story masterpiece-of-a-skyscraper is 1,776 ft (541.3 m) high. It’s a highlight of a modernized utopia. It shares the city with other points of interest, including the original trade center; its namesake, which is just around the corner to the north. It’s unveiling is scheduled for October 2014.

5. CTF Finance Centre

Guangzhou International Finance CenterYet again, another monster-of-a-building in China, the CTF-Finance-Centre has made the list of world’s top ten tallest skyscrapers. Coming in at fifth place, its measures an impressive 1,740 ft (530 m) and is still currently under-construction. Its estimated completion date is in 2016. Critics have named it the fastest-growing skyscraper in history. Upon completion, CTC, the second of the Twin-tower duo will facilitate 111 floors.

6. Taipei 101

Taipei 101Taiwan’s Taipei 101, a former titleholder is the world’s sixth tallest historical landmark. The 101-story complex is 1,670 ft (509 m) tall. It’s been a contender on the world’s tallest skyscrapers list since its completion in 2004. Among other accomplishments, Taipei 101 is the world’s greenest skyscraper, which owns the LEED (Leadership in Energy-and-Environmental-Design) Platinum certificate to its title. It’s the highest rating awarded in history.

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial CenterChina is making a third appearance represented by Shanghai World-Financial-Center (SWFC) coming in seventh place. This 101-story skyscraper built in 2008, measures 1,614 ft (492 m) in height. It’s a financial center, which facilitates an observation point, office, parking garage, museum, hotel and retail services. The trapezoid aperture adorning the peak of this landmark is an admirable piece of artwork; which is a core instrument of the masterpiece.

8. International Commerce Centre

International Commerce CentreHong Kong’s ICC (International Commerce Centre) ranks eighth as a member of the top ten tallest skyscrapers list. The 118-story historical landmark-of-interest reached completion in 2010. It’s a commercial complex, which facilities a hotel and other business-related projects. This super-tall skyscraper is 1,588 ft (484 m) high. Among its tenants is a 5-star hotel, namely “The Ritz-Carlton, the popular Sky100, which is an observation deck, etc.

9. Petronas Tower 1

Petronas Twins TowerPetronas Tower-1, the core of the Malaysian Twin-towers is the world’s ninth tallest skyscraper. It’s the oldest contender to make the 2014 top ten tallest skyscrapers list. The 16-year-old building is still a relevant landmark in this modern industry. It stands about 1,483 ft (452 m) and has 88 floors. This former tallest building, which reigned from 1998-2004 is still a major tourist attraction. It models post-modern architecture, which is an admirable masterpiece attracting fans to date.

10. Petronas Tower 2

petronas towersThis list wouldn’t be complete without the second counterpart for the Petronas duo. Both skyscrapers measure the same in height and have identical floors. Its diamond-faceted construction made of stainless steel is a main feature of the landmark. The double-Decker sky-bridge is a highlight of the Petronas twin towers, and equally doubles as a safety feature.

Burj Khalifa is the current tallest building in the world, while Taipei 101 and the Petronas Towers are both former titleholders. Skyscrapers will always be a part of past history as well as modern culture. Boundaries will always be pushed and new records always set. Nothing is as breathtaking as seeing any of these architectural works of art with the naked eye.  Travelers planning to visit any of the countries in which these skyscrapers dwell should include time to visit these towering wonders.

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