Top 10 Places to Visit in Seattle

places to visit in seattleThey’ve titled America’s Seattle, “The-Emerald-City” for its fertile arable lands. This is all-the-more reason to want to experience this vibrant city. Encompassed by Puget Sound and Lake Washington, it offers a complete lineup of outdoor activities for everyone. Here’s a compiled list of 10 of the top places to visit in Seattle.

1. Aquarium at the Waterfront

seattle aquariumOne of the hottest places to visit in Seattle is the Aquarium. This attraction promises to deliver an amazing experience for children and adults alike. It’s a must-add activity to include in the itinerary. The life-size Seattle Aquarium offers an exclusive tour of the premises. A bonus is that you are able to pet sea anemones and starfish. The gigantic aquarium that exhibits a variety of sea life and fish-like scuba divers is the event-of-the-day. This trip is an event that everyone can enjoy and will be talked about the rest of your visit.

2. International Fountain

Another spot to experience is Seattle’s International Fountain. It is a giant piece of artwork that is ever changing. This is because this fountain uses over 20 spouts to produce some of the most amazing water displays you will ever see. The fountain cycles through a vast array of programmed displays that in turn creates a different show every time. Located in the heart of the Seattle Center, you will always find residents and tourists enjoying these grounds and adding it to their list of places to visit in Seattle.

3. EMP Rock-N-Roll Museum

emp museum seattleMusic fanatics have found their comfort zone. The EMP Rock-N-Roll Museum in Seattle is a life-size science project. You will literally walk into another world of the most fascinating exhibits. The facility offers a one-hour program for children ages 5 to 10. Those older than ten years of age can stay engaged up to two-and-a-half hours. It is an educational program which offers entertainment for adults as well. The museum is an extension of a science-fiction-focused arts center and EMP Rock-N-Roll academy. The arts center exhibits, Sci Fi film/book titles, Star Trek tokens and the relics of Star Wars.

4. Museum-of-Flight

museum of flight seattleThis museum offers an adventure for everyone, no matter the age. It exhibits the first 100-plus-years of aircraft models. The expedition includes iconic models such as the first 747-designs, Concorde, Air-Force-One, bombers, fighter jets, etc. The facility houses a Kids-Flight-Zone as well. The exhibits include feature flight simulators and other child-friendly action-packed activities. Set just ten minutes away from the southern end of Seattle’s downtown core, it is an extraordinary attraction. It is another hotspot on the list of places to visit in Seattle.

5. Future-Flight, Boeing-Factory-Tour

future of flight seattleEveryone wants to try and fly a plane. How about touring the factory to learn the aspects of architecture? Seattle’s Future-Flight tour of the Boeing factory gives the best lessons. Set on a well-maintained infrastructure near Seattle, the facility offers an attractive lineup of activities for everyone. You can tour the facility during the week to witness the operation in full gear. The assembly line showcases a range of aircraft models, including the 747’s, cutting-edge 787’s and other designs.

6. Seattle Center, Space Needle

space needleThe Space Needle is one of the most iconic structures of the Pacific Northwest, and always lands on the list of places to visit in Seattle. It was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair and almost 20,000 people used the elevators daily to experience this massive structure. In 1999 Seattle declared the Space Needle a historic landmark. A trip to the top will allow you to experience the observation deck which provides some of the most stunning views of Seattle, the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Baker, and Elliot Bay. It might be a little bit of a wait depending on the time of year you are here, but you will not regret it once you reach the top.

7. MOHAI (Museum-of-History-And-Industry) 

mohai seattleThe recent remodeling of the attraction at its new location makes it even more extraordinary. It’s a great venue to add to the list of places to visit in Seattle as a premier destination. The facility has some of the finest, detail-rich artworks of all time. It charts the timeline of the city’s evolving industries. It sits in proximity to the prominent Lake Union district.

8. Woodland-Park-Zoo

woodland park zoo seattleThe Seattle-based Woodland-Park-Zoo is another awesome attraction. The park offers wonderful opportunities to witness some of the most beautiful animals on earth. There’s also on-site facilities to accommodate children, including an indoor playground. It is home to different species of animals, including giraffes, elephants, Komodo dragons, gorillas, monkeys and other stunning animals. Those who want to curb their appetite can visit any of the on-site restaurants. To make things a little easier, there’s also a bus route that runs from the zoo to Seattle’s downtown core and back.

9. Pike Place Public Market

public market seattleAs a tourist in Seattle, if you haven’t already, you will start to hear that the Public Market is a must see on your list of places to visit in Seattle. This world class Farmer’s Market is one of the oldest continuously operated markets in the United States. It opened in 1907 and is still one of the most sought after destinations on all of Seattle. From fresh fish, fresh flowers, fine art, crafts, fruits, vegetables, photography and endless other merchants, you can easily spend an entire afternoon here. Adjacent to the Public Market is the final café location of the first Starbucks coffee after being moved only once. With 10 million visitors annually, you can see why the Pike Place Public Market is a must stop on the list.

10. Music-Food-and-Cultural Festivals

northwest folklife festivalTravelers visiting Seattle should not miss these events. The SeaFair, Northwest Folklife and Bumbershoot are the city’s three most celebrated festivals. They’re fun for everyone and offer an attractive lineup. Tourists should check for the venues by month to plan their trip accordingly. The educational program, Maker Faire is another favorite. It engages adults and children in technology focused activities. These events are another added layer of activities to take part in for those looking for experiences to take part in while visiting in Seattle.

Seattle sits on the coastal seaport in America’s North Hemisphere. A trip to the city is an investment-worthy decision. It is one of America’s most friendly and progressive environments. There’s plenty of culture mixed with modern fun, so there is an interest for everyone to enjoy. Besides the 10 places listed, there’s an endless array of culture, history, & fun not listed. Just simply taking a walk along Seattle’s waterfront and in the parks, will give you a taste of this beautiful Pacific Northwest American city. With a little planning ahead of time, you should have no problem hitting all the places to visit in Seattle on your list.

For future trips and vacations, consider Chicago. You will find plenty of interest here no matter what time of year.


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