Why Do Travel Books Inspire Us

The word travel means so many different things to different people. Beautiful drives along gorgeous coastal highways, winding roads through the forest speckled mountains, big city sights and adventures or getting lost in time on the beach, travel includes what you want it to be and what you connect to.

Camping in a national forest, staying at a 5 star resort, backpacking, or being on a safari all sounds amazing depending on who you talk to. That’s the beauty of travel. There is so much to explore and experience on this amazing planet that if infinite can be used for a word in particular pretty easily, travel would be among the top contenders.

With there being so many options, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming knowing even where to begin. That is where travel books can play a major part. The books give you starting points, guidance, advice, motivation and inspiration to put a game plan together to get out and experience what deeply interests you.

fantastic travel booksNo matter if you are an experienced traveler or just starting your adventures, no matter where you head on your journeys, there are going to be places that you never even knew existed that end up being one of the most impactful places you will ever experience.

That is what is so beautiful about travel. Just when you think you have seen and done so much, you will stumble across somewhere that will really take you by surprise and many times end up being one of your most favorite destinations.

When you have major outlets such as Newsweek, TIME, and National Geographic, just to name a very small few, all regularly referring to travel as healthy, inspiring, freeing, cultural, and educational, it makes perfect sense that so many people gravitate towards these feelings. Its human nature to want to explore and absorb everything you can as much as possible.

books about travelWhen you have the ability to travel the world, you gain worldly perspective outside of your everyday surroundings and provides you a new appreciation for life and to not take it for granted. There’s so much beauty and good in the world, that sometimes when you are in your daily grind, its very easy to get caught up in things that take you away from living the authentic life that suits you.

There’s something unexplainable that happens when you explore. The heart of it is that you are able to stop, take a breath, open your eyes and reflect on yourself, your life, whats important and the experiences that are happening right in front of you. Its basically a reconnection to yourself and what is most important to you.

When you come across books on travel that inspire you or a photograph of a destination that you would love to experience, ask yourself why you are so drawn to that, let yourself connect with the reason, and then turn that inspiration into reality and make experiencing that destination happen in the very near future. Put an actionable plan together and it will happen.

(images: Big Sur, Chicago)