Blink Home Security Camera Provides 24 Hour Eyes

blink wi-fi home security camerasKeeping an eye out on your property, belongings, and arriving packages has always been something that that was on the mind of travelers while they were away, but that was until the Blink Home Security Camera was around.

You might often hear people discussing with friends, neighbors, or relatives when to check in on their house, yard, property, belongings, packages that might be delivered etc. when they are away on vacation, a cruise, at the ski lodge or in Paris.

The problem is, coordinating time frames with everyone can be a bit of a hassle to say the least. And even when you have the most trusted person you know ready to check on things for you, things happen in their life as well and they might not just be able to take the time to head over that day.


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blink cameraNot to mention, a vast majority of travelers do not have the luxury of others being able to help out with keeping an eye on things for them when they are away.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have friends or family check in on things time to time for you, it’s not like they are able to be around 24/7, nor do you expect them to be.

This is where the Blink Home Security Camera has changed the game.

Not only are you able to have a view of anywhere you like in or around your property, you have access to see what is going on with literally the touch of a button, anytime you want, as long as you want, and as often as you want right on your smart phone or tablet.

Say what?

Yes, that’s right. You are able to take a look at where you want and what you want, anytime you like no matter how close or how far away you are by simply touching an app on any of your smart devices.


Blink Home Security Camera Features

Advanced Surveillance: Real time streaming capabilities to view your home, belongings and pets anytime you desire while you are away

blink home security cameraBattery Powered System: Wireless system provides up to 2 years of use with Lithium Battery technology

Everything you need is included: Blink Sync Module, Camera(s), Wall Mount(s), Batteries and additional accessories

Motion Detection: With a built-in motion sensor alarm, the system notifies you with an alert when any motion is detected. The Wi-Fi cameras record the event and send the short clip to the cloud to allow for easy access and viewing

Free Storage With The Cloud:  No Contact required and No Monthly Fee (Requires iOS 8.1 or Android 4.4 KitKat or higher)

Smart, Simple, Home Security: Easy and simple installation with no wires requires as well as easy control wireless cameras with the included iOS & Android apps

Compatible: Blink can now be integrated with Amazon Echo & Alexa

HD Video: Never worry about not getting a clear picture. With 720 HD recording, you will be sure to see everything that is happening when recording is activated.





wireless homes security cameraBlink Home Security Cameras are one of the easiest camera systems to set up, install, configure and use. With no wires and absolutely nothing to store or program, you can place these cameras anywhere you like with ease to keep an eye out and capture video of the places and things that you would like to monitor while you are away.

One of the most amazing features that the Blink Home Security Camera system offers, is the motion activate feature. This advanced technology alone is what has set this camera system apart from so many others.

With this feature activated, you do not have sit and watch endless hours of video. Once any motion is detected, the camera is activated, recording begins and the recorded video is sent to the cloud for easy storage and viewing.

blink wireless cameraYou can even add additional cameras to the system if you need more than two so you can monitor as many areas as you like. You are able to start using the cameras right away with just one camera or 5. It’s up to you how many locations you are looking to monitor.

There is also an outdoor model if you like. While the original model is fine to be outdoors as long as they are in a covered area or are able to be protected from the elements, the outdoor model allows you to place the unit on fences, trees, roof awnings, garages, etc. If you have a tricky area that you would like to monitor then the outdoor model might be the best for your placement needs.

Not only is the Blink Home Security Camera System ideal for when you are traveling. This is a system that has many uses on the daily.

Keeping an eye out for anyone you are expecting to arrive at home, watching for packages when they get delivered, as well as checking in on your pets anytime you like.


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blink wi-fi smartphone security cameraWhether you are traveling across the country around the globe just down the street, it’s nice to be able to add that little extra peace of mind whenever you need it. You simply activate your system and be on you way.

Then, no matter where you are, if you want to check in on things, go ahead and live do a little live stream video, and then get back to enjoying yourself.

You will find that you are actually going to be able to enjoy your time away even more knowing that the Blink Home Security System is keeping an eye on things for you, and will notify you when any movement is detected.

There are an abundant amount of uses you will find with Blink, and also makes for the perfect gift that any traveler will immensely appreciate. It’s nice when technology is able to enhance the way we do things and how we do things for the better.



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