11 Top Self Defense & Security Products For Travel

Self Defense & Security Products For TravelThere is nothing wrong with wanting a little safety and security while traveling.

While you should not be paranoid or focused on the situations that will most likely never happen to most while traveling, having a little peace of mind with a self defense tool simply allows yourself to enjoy the destination even that much more.

Most of these self defense & security products for travel are extremely compact and can be easily carried & accessed while traveling no matter what the destination is.


11 Top Self Defense & Security Products For Travel


1. SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is probably one of the best things that you can keep on you. It provides for quick and easy defense at literally a push of a button.

One of the best pepper sprays available is the SABRE Pepper Spray. It has up to 35 bursts, which is up to 5 times more than other brands, and provides a range of up to 10ft for maximum safe distance.



2. Fox 40 Sonik Blast Whistle

fox 40 sonik security whistleSometimes the best thing to do is to draw attention to yourself or a situation that is happening. To achieve this you are going to want a powerful whistle that provides not only a high decibel level but also the power behind the sound.

The Fox 40 Sonik Blast provides 120+ decibels of high pitch sound and can be heard over a mile away. One of the best features of this whistle is that it cannot be overblown. The harder you blow the louder the sound. 



3. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S

Having a small pocket knife can help you in many ways, and the Smith & Wesson knife might provide you with a little more secure feeling.

It has a simple open and close feature, a clip, and groves in the handle to hold easily.

As with any knife it is best to check with individual laws where you reside or are traveling to, however most small size pocket knives are cleared for use. 




No matter if you are in a car, on the subway, in line, or on a trail, if you need help, getting someone’s attention is one of your best lines of defense. This personal size air horn will provide you exactly that.

This device provides two different sound types and can be easily carried in your pocket, purse, bag or suitcase. The lightweight and small size allows you to have it with you wherever you go. 



5. Stun Gun VIPERTEK VTS-989

One of the most popular self defense & security products for travel available is the Stun Gun. Many travelers say that they feel the most secure when they have their stun gun nearby.

The VIPERTEK VTS-989 features sharp spike electrodes to help penetrate clothing as well as shock plates on the side for maximum benefit. In addition, one of the best features on this model is that is has a LED flashlight as well to provide more everyday uses. 



6. FURY Tactical Self Defense Keychain

Having the ability to attach something directly to your keychain is something that many travelers look for. It provides something that it easy, practical and accessible.

The FURY Tactical SDK keychain comes in different sizes, colors, has groves for easy handling and provides many uses. This is one of the most versatile products available on the market today and is used by both men and women. 



7. Keychain Folding Pocket Knife

Sometimes all you may want is just a little something on your keychain to provide you with not only practical uses probably everyday with little tasks here and there, it would also provide you with a self-defense tool if you ever needed to use it.

The key fits right on your keychain and the blade folds in and out for easy use and storage.

You can get the key in different colors, features a strong blade, and is very compact in size. This is the perfect addition to any keychain for men and women alike. 



8. Addalock Door Security Lock

Have you ever been at a motel and wished that you were able to add just a little more security to the door? Most of the time this refers to the outside entrance motels that you might stay at while on a road trip, etc.

The Addalock allows you to add an additional touch of security in a matter of seconds. All you do is position the lock in the existing door jam, latch the attached piece and you are all set. It’s not only quick and easy, but very practical for any savvy traveler. 



9. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm

Making loud obnoxious amounts of noise and sound is not only one of the best deterrents, but it also commands quite a bit of attention. This is exactly what the Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm provides.

This model has 130 decibels of sound, a ripcord activation feature, long battery life and even features a LED flashlight to provide a multi-use product. 



10. LE CREE LED Mini Tactical Flashlight

One of the best ways to prevent a situation from occurring is being able to see an area clearly and brightly. The LE CREE LED Tactical Flashlight provides you 140 lumens of light and can be adjusted to provide more focused light or flood light.

This powerful mini flashlight is one of the most popular on the market, is lightweight, and can be easily carried with you around any destination to provide security light wherever you need it. 



11. Pepper Spray Bracelet

With pepper spray being one of the best lines of defense for anyone; it’s nice there are so many varieties being created. One of the newest self defense & security products for travel designs that is becoming increasingly popular is the Pepper Spray wrist bracelet.

This product features an adjustable silicone band for comfort, is lightweight and barely noticeable when wearing, and provides a powerful 3 – 6 bursts of Capsicum. This product is a perfect addition even if you have a handheld pepper spray device as well. Having a hands-free option is something that many individuals find appealing. 



travel products for self defenseThere are always new and improved self defense & security products for travel that provide unique ways to help us all feel a little more safe and secure when we are out and about.

No matter if you are around your home neighborhood or on the opposite side of the world, just staying aware and alert is always one of the best lines of keeping yourself and belongings safe and secure.

Now that you know a little more about these amazing security products for traveling, take a moment and decide on which item or items you might want to add to your travel gear bag, car or purse.

Not only are these self defense & security products for travel great to consider for yourself, but they are always a great item to consider getting a friend or family member that travels frequently or that is even on the road a lot. With all of the modern items that are available to us, it just makes sense to have a few things with you to give a little peace of mind or that extra little bit of self-security.

As always, enjoy the journey and soak in the destination.


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***It is always advisable to check with airlines, state laws, international laws, etc. if you ever have any questions on carrying any self-defense products to certain destinations.