10 Tips for Traveling with Pets

pet travel tipsHere are some pet friendly travel tips to help give you peace of mind. Traveling with your pet or pets should be enjoyable and less of a hassle. Although there can always be little hiccups along the way, following these tips should allow for easier travel for you and your pet leading to a tail wagging time!

travel with a dog1.Vaccinations

Before you think of going anywhere make sure all vaccinations are up to date. Pets must have their shots current if they will be traveling by plane. A good tip, check with your vet for a complete list of needed vaccinations for travel, especially overseas. Perhaps even check with the country you are traveling to for their requirements. Rabies vaccinations are a must for all travel abroad. Best to be well prepared.


how to travel with a dog2. Hotel Policies

Surf the net before booking or leaving and make sure your final destination is pet friendly. Making sure a head of time your hotel is pet friendly, has any pet restrictions or extra pet fees will make you trip easier and put your mind at ease. Even though more and more hotels & resorts are pet friendly, the last thing you want to do is reserve somewhere assuming that they are pet friendly,only to find out that they are not when you arrive.


how to travel with a cat3. Vet Check

Do your homework and make a list of Veterinary Clinics in or around the area you will be visiting. The internet is a great and easy source to find this information. Also, look for 24 hour clinics to have all your bases covered. This was in an unfortunate situation that you may need assistance, you will save yourself some stress by knowing right where to go. Its just that little reassurance that can go a long way when your away from home.


pet travel tips4. Identification

Make sure your pet has some kind of identification tag on, be it on their collar or harness. The tag should include: Pet’s name and a contact number, be it your phone number or vet’s number. If your pet is micro chipped, having that information on them is still great as well with a license tag or rabies tag. This way, your pet can be quickly identified and you can be easily contacted right away in this situation.


traveling with pets5. Medications

Traveling can be stressful for pets, to aid in their relief inquire about medications to help put your pet’s stress at ease. There are such medicines as sedatives to relax you pet or travel sickness pills to ease the effects of travel. Check with your vet for recommendations, prescriptions and dosages before giving your pet any medication. This works well for traveling by air or ground vehicle. For some pets, this works really well for them.


pet car seat6. Seats & Harnesses

When traveling by car make sure your pet is safe by using a pet harness & pet belt or pet seat that fits onto the actual car seat. You can also use a nice carrier for cats or small dogs and make sure the carrier is secured to the seat. Having any of these options will allow your pet to travel as safe as possible and to be comfortable and secure. The more comfortable and safe your pet feels, the more comfortable you will feel as well wile traveling.


solar powered car fan7. Comfortable Environment

A car can be a small space so perhaps a pet freshening body spray or pet breath freshening spray will help keep your pet and your car smelling great! Good ventilation is important when traveling with your pet in a car. Opening the windows slightly can create a good cross breeze to give your pet plenty of ventilation. Battery or solar powered fans can also do the trick. Never leave an animal alone in a hot car as heat stroke can happen very quickly and be severe.


dog treat toy8. Toys

Keep your pet entertained while on the road with a chew toy or toys. Toys that have a place to hide treats in the middle are great; they let your pet spend hours getting to that tasty morsel. Just talking to your pet helps keep them alert and helps create a less stressful environment. Just as people do, the less bored your pets get while traveling the less likely they are going to stress out because they are occupied with something to do. This is a simple tactic that many pet owners do and state it works extremely well.  Sometimes its the simple things that work so well.


tips for pet travel9. Rest Stops

Taking frequent rest stops allows pets to get out and stretch their paws, go potty and get a drink or snack. Many rest areas offer pet areas so they can do their business and maybe even meet a fellow four- legged friend along the way. Stopping on the side of the road can be dangerous for you and your pet, try to use designated rest areas for your protection and the safety of your pet. You’ll find that your pet is much more relaxed in this atmosphere and will provide a more comfortable environment to use the restroom.


pet emergency kit10. Emergency Kits

Have a travel pet emergency kit with you to be ready in any situation. Kits are sold in stores and online or you can make them yourself, kits should include: dish or collapsible bowl, water, pet waste bags, treats, and food. Basic first aid supplies — antiseptic, gauze, and tape. Don’t forget any medications your pet might be taking as well. Most likely you wont nee to use anything, but when you do need it, its nice that you’ll have everything you need. You can tuck these nice little kits away in a small area in your vehicle and only pull it out in the rare case that you need it.


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