10 Best Cars For a Road Trip

10 best cars for a road tripWhen you initially think of a road trip, people consider using all different kinds of vehicles even if it’s not one that they own but that they want to rent. Depending on where you are going and the type of experience you are looking to have will of course play a factor, but since there are so many options, sometimes your road trip is only as good as the vehicle you explore in. New concepts & designs will always prevail as new favorites but some will remain for years to come. Since being practical, comfortable and having the features you desire are now factors, here are 10 best cars for a road trip and exploring the beautiful vast landscape.

Range Rover

best cars for road tripThis SUV is hands done a favorite of travelers year after year. It not only provides you with the power you might want to have depending on the road trip you are taking, but the luxuries that it also provides you sets this vehicle apart. If style, comfort and luxury are on your checklist then this will definitely rank very high for you.


fiat road trip carWhile many people would never consider this small of car to travel a long distance in, you will be surprised how many of these stylish compacts you will see on your journey. One of the biggest benefits is the bang for your buck especially in operating costs. While something larger might appeal to many, the simple fact that you are going to almost cut your gas usage in half, speaks loud and clear to large demographic.

Honda Crosstour

honda crosstourThe Crosstour is a popular choice because of the amount of room it offers you. This vehicle provides your plenty of room for your belongings as well as passengers but is a little easier on the bank account. This practical choice is a favorite that many opt for when they are looking ahead in planning their next adventure.


jeepThe JEEP speaks for itself and has been a staple for those seeking adventure for years upon years. Your able to the sturdy rugged construction you desire especially if you are planning on any back road sections on your journey and at the same time the newer models offer all the gadgets and gizmo’s you desire. Being able to feel the open air when you want is also a huge advantage.

Cadillac CTS

cadillac ctsA CTS will be more your choice if power and luxury is more your style.  This fast and sporty ride comes in a variety of not only couple models but sedan models as well.  Cadillac’s have evolved quite a bit in recent years and have become more modern and streamlined. The quality and style has remained the same and if anything has only gotten better.

Porsche Panamera

best road trip car rentalThe name itself pretty much says anything. For many this is a dream ride and will definitely not disappoint. If you’re looking to get a little, or a lot, of attention then you will achieve that in this head turner. You will also not have to sacrifice and interior room or space for cargo as this model gives plenty of room for both.

Chevy Corvette

best road trip car everClassic, classic, classic. With the corvette, it’s basic simple luxury and a staple of style. The 8 cylinder will provide the power for that cruising with the wind in your hair feel and the solid low to the ground deign will let you handle those curves in the road with ease. No matter how many new designs of automobiles are released, the corvette seems to always still hold its own.

Mini Countryman

best cars for a road tripIf fuel efficiency is what your after with just a little bit more leg room than other more compact models, then the countryman will fit your perfectly. This four door car will give you the ability to have the convenience of getting in and out of the car and getting to your belonging easily. There are also other models to choose from within the Mini make of automobiles.

Toyota Sequoia

top road trip carIf you are looking to bring along everyone you know and a friend of theirs as well, then the Sequoia will fit the bill. This large SUV will give you more than plenty of room for everyone and everyone’s belongings with ease. An SUV of this size will surely provide the interior comfort and provide the ability to spread out a little, which are two things that you might be looking for.

Ford Mustang

ford mustangWhether you are looking for a hard top model or a soft top model, this classic American car is always, always a go to favorite. If shear muscle and power is what you are after, then this model is sure to top the list. The interior luxury & style only gets better and better and the exterior sleek lines always impresses. Traveling the roads in this classic creates a feeling that cannot be duplicated.

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